Military Base Protection

Safeguarding troops, assets and supply lines

Military bases, whether temporary or permanent, require extra protection and vigilance. Enemy incursion or terrorist attack are just some of the threats a military security system must detect early enough to protect assets, supply lines and troops.

The HENSOLDT answer is a configurable, integrated, sensor system with radars, jammers and electro-optics at its core. To adapt the core system to match terrain and threat level add ins include Counter UAV, Direction Finding, IFF, comms capabilities and more, all integrated by a powerful, user friendly Command and Control (C2) system.

Protecting forward operating bases

The eyes of forward operating bases

Forward operating bases are of high strategic and tactical importance during military missions. They are the stepping stone from which further operations are conducted, they run the supply lines and provide support, shelter, health care facilities and infrastructure.

As such, forward operating bases are high-value targets which need special protection. HENSOLDT’s security solutions are adaptable and flexible to comply with force’s needs, giving them the protection they warrant.

Safeguarding naval dockyards & ports

Nothing escapes your view

Naval dockyards and ports also benefit from our security soltuions because they enable ocean carriers to detect suspicious objects well before they draw near.

The earlier the captain is aware of a threat, the sooner he can alert the coast guard or navy patrols, and the greater the vessel’s chance of evading pirates.

Military air base protection

Keep your base safe

Military air bases are the hub from which to reach distant destinations for military missions. As such, they are vital for the reliable support and operability of armed forces. This makes them a target for symmetrical and asymmetrical attacks.

Especially drones can pose a new risk for military air bases. They can carry and drop prohibited items, such as toxic materials or even explosives, but also be used for espionage. HENSOLDT’s state-of-the art counter UAV solution Xpeller can help protect from these threats. Our solution is scalable and adaptable to be an affective protection for military air bases.