Quality Management

Adhering to the highest standards for our customers

Our main objective is to be a highly competitive, innovative, world class company by delivering a high level of quality through meeting the requirements of key quality standards. Quality is also determined by our ability to deliver product and services that fulfil and exceed the expectations of our customers with regards to cost, performance and on-time delivery.

We achieve this through technical and commercial excellence, our highly motivated employees, and quality partnerships with customers, authorities and suppliers. Satisfied customers and authorities are key elements for the achievement of our strategic goals.

Leading by example

Quality Assurance

At HENSOLDT Quality Assurance is of greatest importance. Many of our products are designed to last for numerous decades. Hence, it is our priority to provide our customers with high quality products.

Our concern is to meet all of our customers required specifications and expectations as well as maintaining statutory and regulatory standards throughout the entire supply chain.

To ensure the effectiveness of our quality system and to constantly improve processes, we undergo regular audits with regard to the EN9100:2018 certification requirements.

In addition, we follow an integrated approach. By standardizing processes throughout our international legal entities we strive to integrate authority approvals under one approval.

We believe in continuous learning. Constant personal meetings ensure that knowledge, ideas and information are exchanged between quality teams around the globe.

Qualification according to strict standards

Product Testing & Qualification

At HENSOLDT products are subject to various specific test procedures before they are deemed safe and ready to use. This is especially important against the background of a wide variety of environmental influences that may affect our products´ functionality, durability, quality and reliability.

That is why our products are tested  from the development up to the qualification according to strict standards for their electromagnetic compatibility and environmental resistance.

At our site in Ulm and Oberkochen we even have our own testing laboratories. The Test Center in Oberkochen offers testing and qualification for electromagnetic compatibility and resistance to environmental influences as a service for external customers.

Our demands are high – often beyond those of industry standards. By using the services of our Test Center for environmental and EMC simulation, you too can benefit from our high-quality standards. 

Top Suppliers

At HENSOLDT the highest standards apply to the choice of suppliers and the collaboration with them. By tradition, most of our suppliers are based in Germany.

Our ultimate goal is always to establish long-term collaboration, which is then cultivated and often expanded over many years. Because, generally, being a HENSOLDT supplier also means
being a HENSOLDT partner. And partnerships are entered into for the long term.


HENSOLDT and its numerous legal entities hold various certifications. Below you can find a list with a selection of these certificates with an option to view and download the documents.