To the moon and back:
close to 60 years of
experience in space

HENSOLDT is a European cutting-edge technology centre with regard to designing, developing, producing and testing space optronics and electronics solutions. Our heritage in the space business goes right back to the moon landing and Apollo 11. Since then, HENSOLDT has successfully participated in, for example, earth observation missions and surveys of Mercury and Jupiter’s icy moons. The company’s AESA (active electronically scanned array) radars have been used effectively in observation missions for more than twenty years. These capabilities are complemented by the HENSOLDT Space Consultancy, which advises space agencies such as France’s CNES, Europe’s ESA and America’s NASA on mission execution.

HENSOLDT’s customers value its ability to dovetail design and systems engineering with manufacturing, integration, alignment and verification processes.

Protection in Space

There are a number of current threats in space. Some sixty years of space missions have left tangible traces in low earth orbit (LEO). Space debris and the Kessler syndrome are very real dangers.

Planet and Space Observation

HENSOLDT helps to lift the veil on the mysteries of space.
One of the seemingly most pressing matters – affecting everyone – is the prediction of the weather.

Optical Communication in Space

As laser-based communication can transfer a lot more data and deliver the goods at far faster speeds than radio waves – and at tremendous bandwidths that require no compression – RF is sure to be edged out by laser-based communication.