Our Commitment

Taking responsibility is part of our culture

At HENSOLDT, it is vital for us to integrate social, environmental and economic concerns into our values, strategy and operations in a transparent and accountable manner. This commitment is embedded at every level of our organisation – from our management team, which implements a responsible and ethical business culture down to the individual employee living this culture every day.

The need to ensure ethical business practices with statutory provisions and internal codes of conduct is recognised as fundamental at HENSOLDT. We support, advance and maintain a culture of ethics, integrity and compliance by preventing, detecting and resolving any issues of non-compliance and business misconduct as well as providing compliance-related business advice to all of our employees.

Guided by principles of transparency and integrity, we are an honest and reliable partner for all of our stakeholders. Our business transactions are always conducted with the utmost care to ensure that they are in line with the law and our ethical business practices. This attributes to all of our legal entities and joint ventures across the globe.

A single case of corruption could put a company’s future at risk.
We do everything to assess and mitigate the risk of corruption, so that our company will not suffer severe harm
Solms Wittig

General Counsel, HENSOLDT

Our Compliance programme

Compliance matters to all of us. HENSOLDT stands for integrity and for compliance with the rules and values on which we base proper corporate governance. Our Compliance Programme seeks to ensure that our business practices conform to applicable laws, regulations and ethical business principles, as well as developing a culture of integrity.

Our behaviour and daily decisions have an impact on the integrity and reputation of the whole HENSOLDT Group. Our “Standards of Business Conduct” constitute the cornerstone of our commitment to integrity. They describe minimum standards that are binding for each of HENSOLDT Group employee worldwide. We owe it to ourselves and all stakeholders to adhere to the highest professional standards.

We consider our duty to combat all forms of corruption, public or private. Our policies and rules govern all contractual arrangements entered into by our company, in relation to any business or project partners or any associated third parties. Determined to ensure the highest standards of responsibility throughout our supplier base, we also require that suppliers commit to the same code of conduct.

We have developed and implemented a comprehensive Compliance program that we have designed with specific regard to our individual risk profile taking into account, for example, our industry, our product portfolio, our international sales into countries with increased corruption risks, and the background of our customers.

We have also established a whistleblower system which gives an opportunity in particular but not only to employees to personally or anonymously report violations (“HENSOLDT OpenLine”), and we are committed to investigate any suspicions of non-compliance and to take appropriate remedial action.

Our Compliance program addresses, amongst others, the areas of anti-corruption, antitrust, data protection, sanctions and export compliance. We have implemented dedicated Compliance guidelines and procedures concerning all these topics, with our Standards of Business Conduct being the cornerstone of our Compliance regulations.

Within our comprehensive Compliance program, one of our focus areas is the prevention of corruption. One of the key anti-corruption risks results from dealings with sales agents and other third parties providing business development or sales and marketing support services to us or on our behalf, or are otherwise involved in such activities. We have devoted substantial attention and resources to address this specific risk, including  the adoption of an overarching company policy that strictly limits and controls the use of “success fee” sales agent relationships, the careful evaluation of anti-corruption risk in M&A transactions and offset arrangements, training of relevant personnel, and the communication of our approach to anti-corruption Compliance to key business partners. Our Compliance policies are not, in this regard, “tick-the-box” or off-the-shelf policies, but have been developed specifically for our businesses. When business proposals are presented to us that involve, in our judgment, compliance risks that are inconsistent with our values and risk tolerance, we are not afraid of turning away those business opportunities (zero tolerance policy).

As part of our comprehensive Compliance program, we have implemented monitoring and control activities designed to ensure that our Compliance standards and requirements are fulfilled in day-to-day operations. At the same time, we also regularly conduct a risk analysis to refresh our risk assessments and to identify areas where we could improve our Compliance mechanisms.

Our principles on gifts and hospitalities ensure that giving or receiving of gifts and hospitality is managed ethically and consistently throughout our company, under the conditions of compliance with law, business purpose and social acceptability. Our sponsoring and donation projects must strictly comply with our standards of business conduct, as well as with all applicable national laws and regulations.

Each of the nations in which we do business has controls on the export and transfer of its goods and its technologies that are considered to be important to its national security and foreign policies. As a global enterprise, it is our responsibility, as well as in our business interest, to respect and to comply with each of this controls. Our policies, processes and Export Control organisation ensure compliance with the relevant export control laws and regulations.

We are committed to the right to privacy and protection of personal data and our data protection policy provides a consistent level of protection for our employees. 

Our Corporate Responsibility Initiatives

We accept our role as global citizen and local neighbour and want to advance social development and environmental sustainability. This is why we support initiatives aimed at investing in our local communities, education, our people and the environment.

Corporate Responsibility Initiatives

Investing in our local communities

Communities such as non-profit organizations, charities and public institutions are vastly contributing to our society.

We at HENSOLDT support their work by sponsoring initiatives like “Aktion 100000” in Ulm or donating to charities like “Rowing against cancer” as well as by encouraging our employees to engage in voluntary work like supporting the facilities at “Lebenshilfe” and to share their expertise.

We also support the local organisations close to our sites world-wide to foster the communities around us.  

Corporate Responsibility Initiatives

Investing in education

Education gives us the knowledge necessary to understand the world around us. We at HENSOLDT want to excite young people for education especially in the fields of science, engineering and mathematics. Therefore we regularly engage in initiatives like “Girls’ Day”, the scholar competition “Invent a Chip”, “Jugend forscht” and also support local educational institutions.

Additionally, we offer internships and graduate programmes for young people. At HENSOLDT, innovation emerges from our people and the right mix of diverse individuals working collaboratively and inclusively according to their strengths, unleashing creativity and passion by what they do. We invest in a culture of collaboration and diversity and thus encourage our employees to share their knowledge and experience with young talents.

Corporate Responsibility Initiatives

Investing in our people

We take responsibility for our employees – for their safety and their future success. Therefore, at each of our sites we have a strict work safety concept in place, which we train und update regularly. In addition, we offer social counselling and health programs, such as fitness and preventive health courses.

The basis for our company’s success are our highly trained and skilled employees, ranging from our engineers, to our colleagues in operations and central functions. We help our employees to identify their strengths, to target their competences for a tailored personal development in terms of direction and pace and to keep their employability. From on-boarding, through a continuous training and development plan, we offer diverse solutions, adapted to individual needs and always keep our employees up-to date through continuous internal communications.

Our management takes care to get feedback from our employees on a regular basis in open meetings on our sites, to be able to improve our ways of working. We also see it in our responsibility to foster diversity and integration via special business networks.

Corporate Responsibility Initiatives

Investing in the environment

As a manufacturer of high-performance technologies with production facilities around the globe, we are driven by our responsibility to reduce the impact of our operations on the environment.

We have several sustainability initiatives in place at our facilities. We minimize our amount of waste by reducing, reusing, recycling and separating it. We save energy by using modern technology and take the greatest care when handling hazardous substances in our processes and products.

Our environmental officers ensure that our initiatives as well as legal, internal and regulatory requirements are implemented and fulfilled throughout our whole organization. Further to this we take care that our employees are aware at any time to save energy, paper and act in an environmentally friendly manner. The conscious use of the world’s environmental resources is fundamental to us at HENSOLDT.