Our Commitment

Taking responsibility is part of our culture

HENSOLDT takes its responsibility as a global citizen and local company very seriously and has committed itself to performing sustainable pioneering work in the area of technology and human potential that supports the conservation of all species worldwide.

At the same time, its activities serve the higher purpose of ensuring the freedom and future of our planet, our natural world and our lives. For this reason, also, HENSOLDT supports numerous initiatives that target sustainable investment in local communities, education, employees and the environment.

It is vital for us to integrate social, environmental and economic concerns into our values, strategy and operations in a transparent and accountable manner. This commitment is embedded at every level of our organisation – from our management team, which implements a responsible and ethical business culture down to the individual employee living this culture every day.

The need to ensure ethical business practices in compliance with statutory provisions and internal codes of conduct is recognised as fundamental at HENSOLDT. We support, advance and maintain a culture of ethics, integrity and compliance by preventing, detecting and resolving any issues of non-compliance and business misconduct as well as by providing compliance-related business advice to all of our employees.

Guided by principles of transparency and integrity, we are an honest and reliable partner for all of our stakeholders. Our business transactions are always conducted with the utmost care to ensure that they are in line with the law and our ethical business practices. This applies to all of our legal entities and joint ventures across the globe.

Sustainability at HENSOLDT

Sustainability in all it dimensions is an essencial topic for HENSOLDT. All our activities shall serve the higher purpose of securing the freedom and future of our planet, our natural world, and our lives.

Supported Initiatives

We accept our role as global citizen and local neighbour and want to advance social development and environmental sustainability. This is why we support initiatives aimed at investing in our local communities, education, our people and the environment.

Our Compliance Programme

Compliance matters to all of us. HENSOLDT stands for integrity and for compliance with the rules and values on which we base proper corporate governance.