Coastal surveillance

Protecting the world's coastlines

The control of coastal waters and coastal onshore regions requires sensors that can reliably locate and track critical objects even under the most difficult conditions. These sensors are used not only on ships and submarines, but also on land and in mission aircraft, helicopters and drones as well as on satellites.

Thanks to its extensive experience with sensor technologies, HENSOLDT is able to offer tailor-made solutions for each of these platforms, which are optimised for the application concerned. In addition, highly integrated and interconnected systems play an increasingly important role, combining vast amounts of raw data to create a comprehensive operational picture thanks to AI-based algorithms and fully digital electronics.

Radar-based coastal surveillance

Maintaining the security of coastlines

More than 90% of the world’s  trade is carried by sea, so maintaining the security of coastlines, territorial waters and Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) is vital. This calls for real-time information and intelligence for effective decision making. In difficult environmental conditions of the littoral radar is the ideal technology for all-weather, day/night surveillance of wide areas.

We provide radars which can detect cooperative and uncooperative targets at longer ranges , early and in heavy rain and high sea states.

Optronic coastal surveillance

Precise information and a clear view

Safety through effective surveillance is vital at sea and coastlines, thus, HENSOLDT offers maritime EO/IR surveillance systems that meet the highest requirements. Combining high-end cameras and sensors, we offer surveillance capabilities in support of security while being extremely user-friendly.

Than when it comes to positive identification of individual objects electro-optic sensors are indispensable.

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