Identification Friend or Foe (IFF)

Highest standard of identification systems

In multinational military operations, accidental attacks on one’s own forces (“friendly fire”) are one of the main causes of losses.

HENSOLDT provides the latest generation identification systems (Mode 5), which reliably distinguish between enemy and friendly units (Identification Friend or Foe, IFF) thus significantly reducing the risk.

IFF transponder technology

Avoid friendly fire

Military aircraft identify themselves towards ground-based air defence systems or ships by means of coded transponder signals. Thus, transponders are a precondition to avoid friendly fire.

IFF interrogator technology

Identify allied forces

As proven by AIMS certification, our MSSR 2000 I secondary radar is both interoperable and reliable when used to identify NATO or allied forces in accordance with the future NATO standard Mode 5 and all previous modes (1, 2, 3/A, C, 4, S).

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