Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance (ISR and ISTAR)

Airborne solutions to rule the skies

The wide-area monitoring of critical regions, border or coastal areas is indispensable for creating a comprehensive operational theatre picture.

HENSOLDT provides powerful sensor systems ranging from airborne SAR radar and signals intelligence systems to multi-spectral EO/IR sensor suites. In addition, focussed fire control sensors are also required for pin-point defence against specific threats.

Effective surveillance, identification and intelligence gathering and target acquisition via EO/IR

Gathering intelligence frome lofty heights

Our EO/IR sensors provide day and night ISR and ISTAR intelligence gathering and threat recognition with utmost accuracy. Aircrafts, UAVs and helicopters equipped with our systems are able to capture high quality images, day and night and even under adverse environmental conditions.

These sophisticated solutions quality enable effective long range surveillance, identification, intelligence gathering and target engagement from the vantage point of an airborne platform.
Our sensors enables pilots and operators to positively identify vehicles and people kilometres away while in flight. Data are communicated automatically to the command center so that informed decisions can be made expeditiously based on sound intelligence.

Radar-based surveillance and reconnaissance

Detect, track and classify more than thousand of objects

Our PrecISR family of airborne multi-function surveillance radars translate latest achievements in active array and digital receiver technology into a scaleable high-performance sensor which is able to detect, track and classify more than thousand of objects and thus literally find the ‘needle in a haystack’.

Aerial surveillance via unmanned systems

Everything in sight

Our UAVs and OPVs provide completely autonomous flight control. They can be equipped with different payloads, lika cameras, and support video and data transfer to other flying avionics systems as well as independent mobile devices.

Within minutes of operation sites such as accident scenes, fire scenes, large crowd events and many other events can be surveyed. Thus our unmanned systems are the perfect vantage point for medium-range aerial surveillance.

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