HENSOLDT land EW solutions

Providing actionable intelligence for spectrum dominance

Information about the operational situation, especially about enemy forces, plays an increasingly decisive role in gaining military superiority. Achieving spectrum dominance means knowing where hostile emitters are located, what types of signals are being used and what is being transmitted.

From sensor to effector, HENSOLDT’s land electromagnetic warfare (EW) portfolio integrates advanced technologies into complete solutions that create a clear picture of enemy emitters and own forces, with the additional ability to control how adversaries are using the spectrum.

Supported missions

  • SIGINT/reconnaissance
  • Electronic support (ES)
  • Electronic attack (EA)
  • Radar ES/EA
  • Force protection
  • EW command and control
  • Signal analysis


HENSOLDT’s land EW solutions offer situational awareness, thorough mission planning, real-time mission control and accurate threat management, delivering true spectrum dominance in the modern operating environment. From portable solutions to scalable networks of EW sensors, our solutions offer full control of electronic support (ES) and tactical electronic attack (EA) systems while keeping own forces safe with cutting-edge RCIED jammers.

Big-data analytics and data fusion provide the ability to gain actionable insights from the vast amount of information gained from multiple sensors. This gives our customers information superiority, acts as a force multiplier and ultimately provides the tactical and strategic advantage in their field of operations.


  • Full-spectrum coverage, including HF, V/UHF and SHF
  • CEMA – cyber and electromagnetic activities
  • Scalable, modular and highly configurable
  • Field-proven
  • Advanced automated processing and analysis
  • Close sensor to effector
  • Open architecture and scalable systems
  • Multi-level training

Main benefits

  • Instant situational awareness
  • Integrated, automated signal analysis
  • Force protection and counter-drone capability
  • Communication network detection and tracking
  • Seamless updates for future-proof solutions
  • Effective management of the crowded frequency spectrum
  • Adaptive jamming to counter new and emerging threats
  • Force-multiplier effect
  • Integrated support services


HENSOLDT’s land EW solutions integrate advanced sensors into complete solutions that seamlessly create a clear picture of enemy emitters and own forces:



Our Land EW solutions on screen


HENSOLDT has almost 30 years of experience in tactical EW systems and has become a market leader in this domain after supplying hundreds of stations that form part of large-scale integrated ecosystems. These systems are operational in a number of countries across the globe, and many have been in service for decades, being maintained and upgraded by HENSOLDT since their installation.

HENSOLDT has teams of specialists committed to supporting its systems throughout the world – assisting customers with in-country technical and logistics support, continuous training, long-term maintenance, repairs and upgrades.