Airborne Electronic Support & Attack

Gain intelligence - Protect your forces

Signals intelligence, i.e. the acquisition and identification of communications signals and other electromagnetic emissions, is one of the fundamentals for assessing the situation in a critical region. Are there any hostile forces there? How strong are they and where are they?

What threat might our units have to face? In answering these and similar questions, signals intelligence systems must make full use of digital signal processing and artificial intelligence methods to cope with the rapidly changing threat situations

Acquisition and identification of electromagnetic emissions

Integrated SIGINT solutions

Our SIGINT system ‘Kalaetron Integral’ detects emitters incredibly quickly over an extremely wide frequency range from 20 MHz to 40 GHz.

By means of automated resource allocation and software-defined tasks, communications and radar signals can be not only detected, anlysed and monitored by a single system, but also the relationships between those emissions can be evaluated; i.e. Kalaetron Integral fulfills missions which currently require the deployment of several specific COMINT and ELINT systems. 

Disrupt radio and radar signals

Disrupt - Deny - Degrad - Deceive

To deny hostile forces the usage of the electromagnetic spectrum impedes their coordination and protects own forces.

Our smart jamming systems ensure spectrum dominance. They disrupt radio and radar signals on all available frequency bands as well as jam enemy sensors and their communication.