Electronic Support / SIGINT

Early reconnaissance from a safe distance

A clear overview of the situation in crisis regions, particularly during military operations, is a prerequisite for the success of a mission and the protection of the forces involved.

For this it is indispensable to have information about potentially hostile forces, which HENSOLDT’s fully digital sensors obtain from communications and radar signals. On board ships and flying platforms, our SIGINT and ESM systems enable early reconnaissance from a safe distance.

Signal Intelligence Solutions

Invaluable asset for battlefield dominance

Communications and radar frequency bands are merging more and more, so that SIGINT systems need to cover extremely large bandwidths and to distinguish different types of signals with utmost precision. Furthermore, in current scenarios the knowledge about the interaction of communications and radar signals is a valuable asset for battlefield dominance.

Our COMINT and ELINT soltuions integrate as a combined solution offering increased SIGINT performance, modularity and better customizability.

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We offer integrated maritime Electronic Support / SIGINT solutions.