Observation and Targeting

On-the-spot identification, faster acquisition

It could be something as innocuous as sand, snow, haze or fog. It could be the pitfalls of unfamiliar terrain. Or it could be the confusion that often accompanies action. All these variables impede armed and security forces’ ability to perceive objects in the field. State-of-the-art optical and optronic systems can restore and even vastly enhance this ability even in the face of chaos, disorder and adverse atmospheric conditions. They can be a tremendous asset if they are precise and reliable. If they are not, they can be a great liability that put lives at risk.

HENSOLDT, a company rooted in a rich heritage of inventing precision optical devices, understands this pressing need for accuracy and dependability. Our ultra-precise optical and optronic systems have been engineered to withstand adverse environmental conditions and operate day and night, stationary and on the move. The high quality of these devices affords commanders the peace of mind that comes with knowing their forces are free to focus fully on the crux of the matter - the mission at hand.


Targeting for tracked and wheeled vehicles

Missing the target is no option

Our Electro-Optical and Infrared (EO/IR) systems provide capabilities for multi-spectral imaging, from visible through to the infrared spectrum, and laser marking, illuminating and designating. Image and target data may be merged to give security forces a more accurate impression of the given conditions.

Our targeting sensor units readily integrate into weapon stations and other targeting platforms requiring a compact, lightweight optronics sensor package assembled and fine-tuned to deliver high performance.

Our sensor solutions can easily be integrated into every new wheeled, tracked and armoured vehicle or may be integrated into legacy systems any time. They interface with both new and existing fire control systems. With the benefit of stabilised panorama viewing and targeting, the crew never loses track of its surrounding.

Aiming accuracy of the weapon

Lives and the success of the mission depend on the aiming accuracy of the weapon.

Having the highest possible first hit probability becomes a mission critical ability and in the field also a matter of pure survival. The higher the hit probability, the greater the combat value of a weapon.

Battlefield supremacy, increased survivability and less ammo usage are among the easily achievable advantages of a well-adjusted weapon system. The risks of collateral damage and friendly fire are comparably minimized as is the chance to give away ones position by missing the target with the first shot.

Weapons need to be on target – always. This is best achieved with HENSOLDT's boresighting devices.

Targeting optics for hand-held weapons

Combat-proven, reliable, accurate

Since 1896 the name HENSOLDT stands for state-of-the-art sights and optics. An example is the HENSOLDT ZF 3.5-26x56 telescopic sight which, as a result of its simultaneously high optical quality and compactness, has convinced experts worldwide.

A main advantage of our optics for hand-held weapons is the modular approach. The compactness of all sights and optics allows the shooter to use night-vision attachments without having to make additional adjustments, rendering the need to re-zero-in weapons for night-time operations superfluous.

The optics are robust enough for use in every climatic environment and offer unprecedented clear vision in all light conditions. Our sights and night vision attachments are selected for the German “Soldier of the Future” programme (IdZ-1 and IdZ-2).