HENSOLDT Naval Surface Solution

Scalable network of naval sensors and mission management systems

Naval missions are increasingly complex and can require platforms to carry out multiple tasks. In addition, Offshore Patrol Vessels (OVPs) are now taking over numerous tasks which larger naval vessels have traditionally fulfilled.

Navies and coast guards require flexible and scalable sensor solutions which can adapt to their mission needs and provide rich data, good situational awareness, and enhance platform protection.

Enabling capability

  • Safe navigation
  • Self-protection
  • Anti-surface warfare
  • Surveillance
  • Counter piracy and smuggling
  • Search and rescue (SAR)
  • Fishery protection
  • Humanitarian tasks


HENSOLDT’s naval surface solution is a scalable range that takes full advantage of the advanced technical capabilities provided by the HENSOLDT radar, electro-optic, electronic warfare and self-protection sensor portfolio. 

Combined with data fusion, an integrated bridge system and our mission management software, HENSOLDT’s naval surface solution is a pre-integrated sensor suite for naval vessels. This provides the vessels with capabilities for threat detection and location, navigation SIGINT, COMINT, ESM and self-protection while always considering the customer’s choice of sensors.


Integration benefits

One supplier, one contact, one team for the installation and commissioning of your naval solution. With our naval surface solution, you benefit from: 

  • Integration of the sensors into a seamless solution
  • Common user interfaces
  • Single training point
  • Single support point
  • Single ILS contract

Main benefits

HENSOLDT’s Naval Surface Solution can be configured for multiple operations and enables a vessel to perform multiple roles. It increases mission flexibility, whilst maximising operational readiness with remote diagnostics and performance-based logistics, which are scalable to customers’ needs.


Acting under the principle of ‘Detect and Protect’, HENSOLDT has a comprehensive product portfolio complemented by excellent worldwide customer service providing through life support.

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