„My job is an adventure everyday, new things to discover, new problems to solve, just dig in and learn something new.“
Junior Electronic Engineer

I’m a junior Electronic Engineer in the DR&T (Development Research & Technology) department. My role is to design electronic hardware. I am currently designing electronic hardware to be used to control opto-mechanical components. I work with Software and Mechanical Engineers to design the hardware. For my design I need information from them regarding the processor and memory to use and the type of components, such as motors, to be controlled by the electronics I design.


HENSOLDT has a warm and friendly environment, there is lots of exposure to the different kinds of engineering, my knowledge is not kept in a small corner, but I can work with different channels.
I worked in research previously which was mostly theory, and I really wanted to get involved with the hardware, by putting my theory into practice and HENSOLDT has given me that opportunity.

HENSOLDT in 3 words

HENSOLDT is quality (as we ensure that our product is of a good quality), friendly (like a family), interesting (puts you in the forefront of technology).