„HENSOLDTs apprentices will be prepared optimally to face their exams as well as their future working life. It is noticeable that education and training are key values for the company“
Apprentice in Electronics for devices & systems

Currently, I am joining for 6 weeks a preparation course in regards to our intermediate examination in HENSOLDT’s apprentice workshop. Afterwards I will start my run through different departments within the company. I’m sure this will be very interesting because I can learn what the employees do in their departments. Due to this it should be easier for me to choose in which department I want to work after completing my apprenticeship.


Before my apprenticeship I worked for HENSOLDT as a contingent worker thus I already was familiar with the company. Strengthened by the many positive impressions I decided to start an apprenticeship at HENSOLDT.

HENSOLDT in 3 words

Fair, attractive, motivating