Professional Loading and Performance Calculator


  • Aircraft loading and performance calculator
  • Tailored to each customer
  • Electronic Flight Manual
  • Comprehensive subscription service
  • Share essential aircraft data across an organisation


EasyWeigh is a professional tool which is tailored to each customer and is designed to ensure aircraft loading and performance calculations are completed to the highest level of accuracy using only verified data. EasyWeigh is customised for each aircraft configuration, instantly displaying multiple performance calculations and user configured aircraft loading.


  • Electronic signed loadsheets
  • Centrally manage and distribute data to iPads
  • Archive and review mission data
  • Based on original Flight Manual
  • Reduced pilot workload pre-flight

Main Benefits

Designed for professional operators, EasyWeigh software gives users the flexibility to make temporary loading changes to react to the short notice changes during an operation, and the inbuilt data validation system alerts users to any changes from the approved values. The software allows operators to be confident of their calculations when operating near the performance limitations of their aircraft.

Product Impressions