Fleet Management


OptaFEP provides two main functional blocks.

  • The Tec.-State Overview provides aircraft specific status information, equipment and staff availability as well as task-scheduling
  • The Maintenance and Flight Hour Planning allows authorized users to schedule maintenance tasks according to the aircraft maintenance plan (AMP)


OptaFEP is the solution for an efficient management of fleets of aircrafts in the context of technical logistical operations.

This tool eliminates the media breach between the ERP system that hosts AC-specific maintenance data (AMP) and location specific information regarding resources (e.g. available maintenance docs) and logistical equipment. The data from both sources has to be considered when managing and controlling the status and organizing the fleet.


  • Content and layout are freely configurable
  • Customizable for different user groups with individual information needs
  • Effects on flight time planning are calculated by the system and are immediately available for each user.
  • Instant visualization of deltas between originally planned and currently planned flight hours

Main Benefits

  • Efficient fleet management
  • Browser-based application
  • User friendly and device independent
  • Users are not restricted to a fixed line network connection or a standard client computer.

Product Impressions

Product Impressions

Product Impressions

Product Impressions

Product Impressions