The RE1 is the heart of the Enhanced Reality System


  • High performance avionics computer
  • Developed according RTCA/DO-254, Level D
  • Qualified according to RTCA/DO-160F
  • Software developed according to DO-178B, Level D
  • Hosted in a small 1/4 ATR, weight 3.1 kg


The RE1 is the central part of the Enhanced Reality System, providing the graphic and data interfaces as well as drive slots for Solid-State-Drives. The combination of  Enhanced Reality, Video Processing & Distribution, and Digital Video Recording in one single avionics qualified LRU is unique. The RE1 is a compact, lightweight and energy-efficient avionics computer; saving on LRU cost, weight, space, cables, and power consumption.


  • Multi-Core CPU
  • LTE (4G) / WLAN
  • Multiple interfaces
  • Obsolescence management in place
  • Perform remote wireless maintenance

Main Benefits

The RE1 features a 64 Bit Multi-Core CPU with an additional powerful media processor as a DVR subsystem and for live video streaming as well a 3D-Map-Generator engine for the vector data overlay. The ERS interfaces to a wide variety of control devices. Control mechanisms range from keyboards, Cursor Control Devices (CCD’s), Display Line Select Keys (LSK’s) to touch screens and/or the ERS Control Panel.

Product Impressions

Product Impressions