Highly compact and robust computer


SACHA is a ruggedised computer designed for use in extremely challenging environments. It is the perfect solution for embedded applications, where compact size and robustness are crucial qualities.

SACHA can be used on board aircraft and land vehicles alike. It can also be used in portable equipment and ground installations.

SACHA’s technical features are optimised for reliable measurements from the most commonly found sensors, as well as ground and avionics bus acquisition.

SACHA can acquire multiple signals: analogue signals (voltage, strain gauges, temperature, accelerometers and potentiometers, with or without filtering), digital signals (serial channels, DIGIBUS, MIL-STD-1553, ARINC and CAN), and signals from specific buses.

The product has a modular structure with multiple slots to enable custom solutions for every requirement. A wide range of data acquisition and output boards is available.

SACHA can also be used to log data from third-party equipment.


  • Analogue inputs: voltage, strain gauges, accelerometers, potentiometers and temperature with analogue filter options
  • Digital bus: CAN, serial lines, MIL-STD-1553, ARINC-429 and DIGIBUS
  • Video: PAL/NTSC inputs, audio
  • Sacha versions: 4 or 7 extension slots
  • Ethernet and USB interfaces
  • IEEE 1588 (PTP V2)/IRIG B timestamping
  • IRIG 106 Chapter 10 data recording format
  • Optional integrated or removable memory (SSD)
  • Data-sharing via Ethernet or PCM connector
  • Battery option

Main Benefits

  • General-purpose acquisition/recording system
  • Open LINUX-based system: entirely user-programmable
  • Daisy-chaining: at least 4 systems can be synchronised to increase acquisition capacity
  • Battery advantages:
    • Protect against loss of power to the platform
    • Use without a power source
  • Dedicated software range available for acquisition and recording
  • Can also be used as a standalone logger for external devices such as our video encoders or other manufacturers’ equipment

Product Impressions

Product Impressions



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