SferiRec CVFDR

Combined voice and flight data recorder


  • Cockpit voice recording (compliant with ED-112A and ETSO-2C123c)
  • Flight data recording (compliant with ED-112A and ETSO-2C124c)
  • Data link recording (compliant with ED-112A and EASA ETSO-2C177a)
  • Easy readout of data without the need to power the aircraft


HENSOLDT┬┤s SferiRec CVFDR is a combined voice and flight data recorder with a  modular architecture in order to store audio, data link and flight data on an integrated crash protected memory module. The recording parameters can be modified by means of a configuration file.

One of the lightest combined ED-112A recorder on the market.


  • ARINC 404 mounting
  • Numerous interfaces
  • Power supply: 1x 115 VAC / 380-840 Hz power input and 1x 28 VDC power input
  • Field-loadable application software
  • Bulk-erase function for erasing audio data
  • Crash protected memory module of EUROCAE Class 6

Main Benefits

  • 25 hour audio, flight data and data link recording in one device
  • Low weight of 2.8 kg / 6.17 lbs
  • Underwater locator beacon (ULB) as a separate line replaceable unit (LRU) and universal mounting for different ULB types
  • High flexibility due to field-loadable software and easy read-out with no A/C power required
  • According to ED-112A, EASA ETSO-2C123c, EASA ETSO-2C124c, EASA ETSO-2C177a and EASA ETSO-C155b

Product impressions

Product impressions