SferiRec DTU & SSDC

Data Transfer Unit & Solid State Disc Carrier


  • Robust: High reliable & low power consumption
  • Transfer: Mission and maintenance data
  • Protected: Secure  file system


The ruggedized transportation solution with storage from 10MB to 2TB

A standardised digital Data Transfer (DTU) combines a portable Solid State Data Carrier (SSDC) as key element with easily expandable memory capacity and standardised SferiRec Data Tranfser Unit for cockpit installation, which is ideally suited for installation in a broad range of rotary and fixed wing aircrafts with a minimum of installation provisions.


  • Transfer of Mission and Maintenance Data to Avionic Computers
  • DTU Interfaces
  • Intelligent Universal File System for Data Transfer and Data Management
  • Illuminated Front Panel
  • Portable Solid State Data Carrier Types (SSDC) available: 40 MB up to 2TB
  • DTU with Standard Housing for Cockpit Installation
  • Low Mass & low  power consumption
  • Fully qualified (MIL-STD 810E and 461C) and military flight certified

Main Benefits

  • Minimum size, low mass, low power consumption
  • Ideally suited for upgrade and retrofit programs
  • Standardized selectable data transfer interfaces
  • Universal file handling system, high data transfer rates
  • Robust and high reliable portable Solid State Data Carrier
  • Qualified and flight certified equipments


SferiRec Product Line

HENSOLDTs flight and mission data recording and management product family, comprises of flight and mission data recording, data transfer and analysis capabilities which are key capabilities for the complete mission life cycle.



Product Impressions