Smart Antennas

Multipurpose antenna for data communication



  • FLARM, ADS-B Receiver and GPS in one antenna Transponder and ADS-B receiver
  • FLARM® transceiver for collision warning
  • ADS-B In for visualization of traffic information (altitude, heading, speed)


The RF1 Multipurpose Antenna contains the FLARM® 868 – 928 MHz antenna, as well as a 1090 MHz receiver. The Antenna subsystems handles the general functions of broadcasting aircraft position and speed information as well as receiving the available information and calculating the possible interception courses.


  • Minimal signal loss
  • Cost saving solution
  • Upgrades for EuroNav 7 and EuroNav 5
  • Power supply by the RN7

Main Benefits

With the RF1 Multipurpose Antenna the signal range extends on more than 10km. The direct link to the RN7 optimizes the signals enormously. A maximum radio performance in all directions and the timely detection of fast-moving aircraft lead to resolved action in time.

Product Impressions

Product Impressions