Accomplishing your mission


  • Fleet Management & Flight Tracking
  • Flight Planning & Mission Tools
  • Communication capabilities
  • Multi page concept
  • Single line search
  • Pilot features (kneeboard mode)
  • Data & Event recording
  • Interoperability


The certified Moving Map, Situational Awareness and Mission Management System Xplorer has beendesigned from the outset as a robust and highly flexible integrated system that interfaces to a wide range of avionics, sensors and communications devices.


  • Dual-Head capabilities
  • State of the art map projection (orthogonal depiction)
  • Fully certified
  • Multi sensor fusion
  • Newest HMI technology

Main Benefits

  • Full blown Situational Awareness and Mission Management
  • Agile development of new interfaces
  • Fast adaption to customer specific requests
  • Cloud based update services (SW, maps and configuration)
  • Large civil and military feature set
  • Modern feature set thanks to SW partitioning
  • Platform agnostic
  • Multiple roles / several work desks (pilot and co-pilot)
  • Manned and Unmanned Teaming

Product Impressions




Xplorer Brochure