XtremView- APC

Compact 5.7" aircraft panel PC


XtremView- APC is an ultra-compact, robust on-board computer that has been specially designed for helicopter and aeroplane applications.

Its powerful yet low-consumption processor and multiple input/output options make it ideal for displaying and processing flight data.

Compatible with night applications and night-vision goggles, XtremView- APC ensures night missions can take place in total safety.

It complies with NF L65-211 and NF L65-212 and is compatible with standard BNAE aircraft housings.


  • LCD touchscreen
  • 5.7" screen, 640x480 pixels
  • Intel Atom® E3930 Dual Core
  • PC104 expansion slot for applications with I/O connectors
  • Compatible with night applications (dimmable from 0-100%)
  • NVG-compatible MIL-STD-3009 option
  • Wide operating temperature range: -20°C to +70°C
  • EMC qualification: DO160 standard
  • Complies with NF L65-211 and NF L65-212 standards

Main Benefits

  • Ultra-compact design for challenging environments
  • The best compromise between processing power and consumption
  • Perfect readability: variable brightness for use in broad daylight or with NVGs
  • High reliability for continuous applications
  • Long lifespan (minimum 15 years)
  • Adaptable, scalable design: specific requirements and new COTS components
  • Operational availability thanks to its careful design
  • Low maintenance time




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