Advanced Scalable Security and Surveillance Software


  • Hardened equipment for military camp protection
  • Server less operation
  • Multiple cameras
  • Tactical map
  • Integration in legacy network
  • Deployable solution
  • Combinable with single


Z:ASSESS camp is an advanced scalable security and surveillance software and for camp security solution. It is part of the Z:ASSESS software family.

The software enables the control and networking of radars and cameras with day and night vision as well as the display of an overall situational picture for camp security and protection.

All Z:ASSESS products come with the following capabilities:

  • Sophisticated user management
  • User specific HMI
  • AI
  • Automatization
  • Video recording
  • highly secure, encapsulated and robust system
  • different sensor combination
  • Intuitive usability
  • Ergonomic software design
  • Updates easy carry out
  • Target tracking

Product Impressions

Product Impressions

Product Impressions

Overview of how Z:ASSESS interconnects for different applications.