Abrams M1 ELRF

Eyesafe Laser Rangefinder - Proven in the field


  • 1 to 1 replacement for all non eye-safe and eye-safe M1 ELRFs currently in operation
  • Improved range accuracy possible 
  • Best range Performance
  • Upgrades possible
  • Officially released as source for M1 ELRF by US Army.  


The M1 ELRF was successfully fieldtested by USMC and US Army in all configurations of the M1-MBT. The M1-ELRF can replace all non eye-safe and eye-safe LRFs used in the M1 MBT. USMC selected our M1 ELRF for their entire M1 fleet. US Army and  Egypt also selected the ELRF for their M1 programs.

Further development with improved range accuracy (< ± 1,5m up to 5.000m) and other features for M1 ECP 1b (Engineering Change Proposal).  

Also available as M1 LRFD, eye-safe Laser Rangefinder and integrated 80mJ Laser Target Designator. Prototypes field tested by US Army and  USMC.

Targeted Markets & Applications

  • M1-MBT for US Army and US Marine Corps
  • M1 ECP 1b - program
  • M1-MBT FMS-programs
  • Other applications with M1 ELRFs in use; i.e. M8 AGS

Product Impressions