Compact airborne electro-optical device


  • SWaP-optimised targeting solution
  • Day/night imaging with laser range finding
  • Target laser designation
  • Laser no-firing zones - software controlled
  • Integral INS offering geo-pointing and geo-location functionality
  • Moving target engagement with video auto-tracker
  • Video with STANAG compliant meta-data
  • Picture-in-Picture video display
  • Full mission planning, operational and debrief software
  • Ease of integration


The ARGOS-8 is an 8” class airborne electro optical system suitable for ISR (observation) and ISTAR (targeting) operations on typical group-2 and group-3 unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

The mechanically stabilized EOS is fitted with 3 sensors. Offering day and night operation for observation as well as target range finding and designation using the semi active laser designator. Various software functions such as video auto-tracker with correlation and scene tracking are standard. The integral INS provides accurate geo-location information of the targets. The STANAG compliant meta-data inclusive video can be easily integrated with other mapping and command and control software, or used with the optional supplied mapping and mission software suite. Digital stabilisation for the video images is also available in ISR mode. 

Advanced mission software

  • Fire correction 
  • Playback (footprint and map layers) 
  • Video overlaid on detailed map 
  • Tagging the video timeline 
  • Target sizing and measurement 
  • POI sharing and collaboration tools 
  • Text and audio chat 
  • Fire support, and fire correction 
  • Video search based on location 
  • Mission reports

Main benefits

  • Day and Night Observation 
  • Geo Functions 
  • Semi Active Laser Targeting with user selectable codes 
  • Moving Target Tracking 
  • Mission Software offering 

Product Impressions

Product Impressions


Argos 8 datasheet