Bushbaby 100

Electro-optical surveillance


  • day and nigh observation with armoured vehicles
  • image fusion of daylight and IR cameras into single video stream
  • scene steering
  • target tracking


The Bushbaby 100 is a surveillance system for armoured vehicles, unmanned ground vehicles, patrol vehicles and stationary applications. It is a rugged electro-optical system for day and night observation applications.

The onboard real-time video processor provides image enhancement of all sensors, image fusion of daylight and infrared cameras into a single video stream, image stabilization, scene steering and target tracking. Compact design and fully digital interface allows for a cost-effective integration for many platforms.


  • Gyrostabilized 2-axis system
  • Image stabilization
  • Target/position tracking
  • Image processing and enhancement
  • Target geolocation
  • AI features ready

Main benefits

Tailored versatility: This electro-optical surveillance system is customised to address the specific needs of diverse industries and organisations, ranging from security and policing agencies to mining companies and military forces.

Comprehensive surveillance: The Bushbaby 100 delivers exceptional surveillance capabilities suitable for various deployments, including portable, mobile, and fixed installations.

Platform compatibility: Compatible with a range of mobile platforms such as armored vehicles, unmanned ground vehicles, patrol vehicles, and commercial vehicles, the system offers flexibility and scalability to adapt to evolving mission requirements.

Long-term monitoring: Ideal for extended surveillance missions, the system can be easily installed on stationary masts and structures, ensuring continuous monitoring of strategic locations for enhanced security and situational awareness.

Product impressions