DCIR System

Dual-colour infrared missile warning system


  • Detecting incoming missile threats with high accuracy and precision

  • Indicating the direction of arrival precisely, with high ranges and maximum warning time

  • Compatible with countermeasures dispenser systems (CMDS) or directional infrared countermeasures (DIRCM)

  • Fully compatible with HENSOLDTs Airborne Missile Protection System (AMPS)

  • Highly sophisticated processing capability with common interfaces to the aircraft

  • Internal recording capability for post-mission analysis


HENSOLDT´s DCIR System is a passive, true-imaging sensor device optimized to detect the radiation signature in the IR MWIR spectral band that is emitted from an approaching hostile missile.

The system detects incoming missile threats, indicates the direction of arrival precisely, with high ranges and a  maximum warning time and can trigger countermeasures automatically. The temporal and spatial coherent dual colour infra red technology and the inherent high spatial resolution of the DCIR System combined with advanced signal processing optimized over decades enables a exceptional declaration while eliminating false alarms.

The Dual-Colour Infrared Missile Warning System can be seamlessly integrated with chaff/flare countermeasures dispenser systems (CMDS) or directional infrared countermeasures (DIRCM), providing you with unparalleled protection against missile threats. The system is fully compatible with HENSOLDT AMPS, ensuring optimal performance and reliability. The DCIR System comprises up to seven sensor units that provide high resolution and high ranges without the need for extra cooling. The missile warner´s central unit has a highly sophisticated processing capability and provides the common interfaces to the aircraft as well as an internal recording capability for post mission analysis.

The dual colour IR missile warner consists of the following components:

  • Sensor Head (up to seven sensors, full spherical coverage reached with 6 sensors)
  • Central Processing Unit


  • Dual colour infrared system with high sensitivity  for outstanding performance and clutter rejection

  • Multi threat handling

  • High angular accuracy for  DIRCM compatibility

  • Full spherical coverage with six sensors (processing of op to seven sensors possible)

  • Hostile fire indication and localization (HFI / HFL)

  • Platform agnostic design

  • No mission data file (MDF) / user data file (UDF) required

  • No cooling required

  • No scheduled maintenance


Main Benefits

The main features of the DCIR System is its high sensitivity, providing high ranges and outstanding clutter rejection. It also includes hostile fire indication and localization, and its algorithms have been improved over decades, ensuring reliable and accurate performance.

The dual colour infrared based system is optimized to maintain a low size, weight, and power profile and its platform agnostic design makes it suitable for deployment on a range of aircraft, including helicopters, fast jets, fixed wing aircraft, and unmanned aircraft systems.

The system has no scheduled maintenance activities and high system reliabilities. Requiring no mission data or user data file (MDF/UDF) no mission programming is needed. providing overall a low-maintenance and cost-effective choice.

Its high angular accuracy enhances the DCIR System to be fully DIRCM compatible and is fully integrated into HENSOLDTS AMPS, providing a further comprehensive missile warning solution for aircraft protection

Product impressions

DCIR System sensor head

Product impressions

DCIR System future fighter skin mounted

Product impression

DCIR System future fighter pylon mounted