KLP TW - Small gun mount periscope

Enhances aiming capabilities of light-weight vehicles


  • On / off, fields of view switch NFOV / WFOV(EO zoom)
  • Manual focusing (autofocus request)
  • Polarity (white / black = HOT), brightness (automatic / manual)
  • Still picture, edge enhancement, homogenization request, crosshairs brightness
  • Crosshairs position (insecond menu level)



Gun-mounts and small weapon turretsdon’t leave much room for telescopes,sensors and the like.

However,light vehicles especially have aneed for better targeting capabilities.To satisfy this demand, HENSOLDT Optronics has developed the small gunmountperiscope

KLP TW with an opticalday-vision telescope and thermalimaging channel.It was engineered specifically to makethe most of the limited space on gunmountsand small weapon turrets toprovide enhanced aiming capabilities.It can also serve as an optical aimingdevice for tank-mounted machineguns and as an infrared sensor box,and may even be linked with fire controlsystems.

Product Impressions

Product Impressions