Laser Altimeter
for Space Applications

Laser-assisted planetary observation


  • Autonomous laser control electronics
  • Adjustable pulse rate, adjustable pulse energy
  • BITE, Housekeeping & performance read-out
  • Fully redundant laser operation, space qualified optics and strcuture
  • At least 10 years of operation


Today the planets of our solar system are within easy reach. Scientists have made a giant leap forward over the last decade in their ability to gather intelligence on planetary missions. And HENSOLDT provides the key to correlating this information with topographical data.

This is why a HENSOLDT laser altimeter is on board satellite missions to our neighbouring planets. That very laser will again figure prominently on the BebiColombo space mission to explore Mercury. And it is ready to be deployed on your next mission. 

HENSOLDTs lasers for space applications benefit from insights and experience gained with a world-class platform – our very successful laser rangefinders for military applications. The best practices and lessons learned with terrestrial lasers, paired with excellence in space instrumentation, enabled our engineers to vault into into laser-assisted planetary observation and hit the ground running.

Product Impressions

Space qualified laser for the BepiColombo mission