MILDS – Missile Launch Detection Sensors

Counter IR-guided missiles


  • Passive, true imaging, UV solar blind sensor device
  • Hostile Fire Indication (only with MILDS Block 2)
  • High spatial resolution
  • Multi-threat handling (up to 8 per system)
  • High probability of detection and a very low FAR
  • Difficult to deceive
  • No emissions from the sensors (stealth)
  • No cooling, short activation time
  • DIRCM compatible angular accuracy
  • Different configurations possible: MILDS F, MILDS AN/AAAR 60 and MILDS AN/AAR 60 Block 2


The armed forces have recognised the increasing threat to their tactical aircraft from anti-aircraft infrared guided missiles.

A high percentage of the aircraft losses in current and recent conflicts were from groundbased defensive systems using IR SAMS. The threat of passive anti-aircraft missiles is evident. They are an undeniable danger to the aircrew and the aircraft.

To cope with this threat, HENSOLDT developed the Missile Launch Detection System AN/AAR-60, known as MILDS.  Its original configuration is qualified for installation on-board a wide variety of tactical rotary-wing and wide-body aircraft including NH-90, Tiger, UH-60, CH-47, C-130 and P-3. With thousands of sensors sold so far, MILDS has earned a worldwide reputation for reliability and effectiveness.


  • Automatic Countermeasure Release
  • High Angular Accuracy
  • Fits to Airframe, High MTBF
  • Crew Alert integrated on HMI
  • Low False Alarm Rate, Sufficient Warning Time
  • Different sensor configurations for different platforms possible

Main Benefits

MILDS is a passive, true-imaging sensor device optimised to detect the radiation signature in the UV solar blind spectral band that is emitted from an approaching hostile missile exhaust plume.

MILDS detects incoming missile threats, indicates the direction of arrival precisely and with maximum warning time and releases countermeasures automatically.
The inherent high spatial resolution of MILDS sensors combined with advanced signal processing enables a reliable declaration while virtually eliminating false alarms.

MILDS comprises up to six sensors that provide high resolution and high sensitivity without the need for extra cooling. The MILDS F Countermeasure Signal Processor (CSP) has a highly sophisticated processing capability and hosts all interfaces to the aircraft as well as an internal recording  capability for post mission analysis.

MILDS is one of the main sub-system of the Airborne Missile Protection System AMPS.

Product Impressions

MILDS offers protection from short-range IR guided missiles

Product Impressions

The countermeasure are released automatically

Product Impressions

MILDS-F configuration

Product Impressions

MILDS-AN-AAR 60 configuration

Product Impressions

MILDS-AN-AAR60 Block 2 configuration

Product Impressions

MILDS-F integrated on a Belgian F-16





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