NDP 30

Driver periscope with night vision


  • Uncooled thermal imager
  • Low light level digital camera
  • Scalable image fusion for combining both vision channels
  • Best ergonomic conditions and easy handling


The night driver periscope NDP 30 is a compact driver sight system utilizing an uncooled thermal imager and a low light level digital camera. By using a scalable image fusion of both technologies the user benefi ts from their complementing advantages. The NDP 30 is thus ideal for driving and monitoring in bright light as well as under poor visibility conditions down to total darkness. It is adaptable to vehicles using periscope shafts and/or modular sensor placements alike.

The driver´s enhanced sight is displayed under the best ergonomic conditions and the easy handling lets him keep his eyes where they need to be – on the path ahead.

The NDP 30 is the modular driver sight solution for armoured vehicles in all operational scenarios.

Product Impressions

Product Impressions