Ultra Long Range Night Vision Clip-On


  • 100 mm lens for remarkable 
  • residual light yield
  • Notably optimized for long range sniperĀ“s weapons including 
  • .50 caliber
  • Best practice ergonomic and 
  • compact design


The NSV Long Range (LR) outperformes the expectations regarding maximizing residual light yield aswell as the custom fit for long range sniperĀ“s weapons including .50 caliber.

Furthermore the impressive optical design of the NSV LR allows identification ranges exceeding 1050 meters.

This ultimate solution for long range sniping combines moderate weight with compact dimensions and state of the art ergonomic usage.The adjustment to even low mounted scopes e.g. 36 mm height above the rail allows the NSV LR to be attached on to a large variety of weapons.

Optimized positioning of key elements as the on/off knob and the focus enable ease of both right- and left- handers.

Product Impressions

Product Impressions