Persistent, non-rotating panoramic observation


  • 360° real-time observation
  • Threat identification and tracking
  • Data exchange with other subsea and surface sytems



HENSOLDT is further expanding its submarine portfolio by introducing the OctoEye360 panoramic observation system, providing an instant 360° non-rotating panoramic view of the surrounding surface environment at day and night.

The 360°-observation system is based on the well-proven design of a HENSOLDT standard camera configuration and night vision. Innovative post processing such as „on the fly video stitching“, „dynamic image stabilization“ and „automatic image enhancement“, provides real-time video processing capabilities that can be used during navigation and operations. Positioning and housing of the 360° system can be customized to the specific platform.


  • 360° non-rotating panorama view
  • 8x high-resolution daylight cameras and 8x uncooled thermal imagers 7-14 um
  • Real-time video processing: on the fly video stitching, dynamic image stabilization, automatic image enhancement
  • Range of HMI solutions
  • Option for Virtual Reality goggles
  • Head module usable on a range of platforms as a standalone system or fully integrated, e.g. submarines snorkel mast

Main Benefits

Thanks to its modular architecture, HENSOLDT OctoEye360 can be installed in several different locations that best suits the need of the customer´s submarine operations. HENSOLDT works with end users, vessel designers and shipyards to propose, design and optimize each implementation of OctoEye360, guaranteeing that the operational value delivered by the panoramic observation system is maximized in any mission.

Product Impressions