OMS 150

The Cutting Edge Optronic Mast System



  • 4K Colour TV Camera
  • Eye-Safe Laser Rangefinder
  • Full Combat System Integration
  • Real Time Image Enhancement
  • Dual axis LOS stabilization, 3rd axis image processing
  • Antenna Interface for Electronic
  • EW Antenna and GPS


OMS 150 is the latest enhanced new sensor system in the proven design of the OMS 100 family.

It integrates the latest in camera development to include Short Wave Infrared (SWIR) capability. The OMS 150 comprises of a unique combination of three cutting- edge optronics sensors aligned in a single objective (lens) design all on the same line of sight thereby enabling a total of five optronics sensors to support a range of new operational potentials, by realizing a true all light, all weather visual capability.

To minimize the exposure time of the mast, a Quick Look Round (QLR) of 360° can be conducted in less than three seconds and a full panoramic views in less than 10 seconds which contributes to the situational awareness of the surface operational environment. Real-time image enhancement and an intuitive HMI environment with included automated functions, contributes to an unprecedented level of situational awareness while at periscope depth.

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OMS 150 Datasheet