Persistent, non-rotating panoramic observation


  • 360° real-time observation
  • Threat identification and tracking
  • Data exchange with other subsea and surface sytems



PANOS360 is a novel optronics solution specifi cally designed for close-range observation through a panoramic vision system, which safeguards vessels during day and night-time navigation. The PANOS360 complements a naval platform’s traditional optical surveillance capabilities.

It offers a close range and a persistent view of the platform surroundings in low visibility conditions, thus augmenting a vessel's capability to spot and identify objects that could pose a threat to the vessel or impede navigation.


  • Panoramic IR and daylight capability
  • Panoramic, stitched video stream for all users simultaneously
  • Panoramic view available to third party post-processing algorithms
  • Maximum time-on-target, instantaneous change of view
  • Low latency of ~100ms from camera to HMI, allowing real-time observation for all users
  • Powerful post-processing algorithms for object detection and recognition 
  • KI360 upgrade option to automate situation awareness and alerts in case of unexpected situations

Main Benefits

Thanks to its modular architecture, HENSOLDT PANOS360 can be installed in several different configurations in which the number of sensor boxes, their placement and their orientation are optimised to minimise blind spots and best adapt to the vessel structure, role and mission profile.

HENSOLDT works with end users, vessel designers and shipyards to propose, design and optimise each implementation of PANOS360, guaranteeing that the operational value delivered by the panoramic observation system is maximised

Product Impressions

Product Impressions

Product Impressions

Product Impressions