Optronic Retrofits and Upgrades for MBTs

Retain your fighting abilities!


  • Third-generation thermal imager (ATTICA)
    • Increased target acquisition range
    • Enhanced image processing
    • Higher MTBF
  • Eyesafe laser range finder
    • Increased repetition range
    • Enhanced penetration through dust
    • Higher range accuracy


HENSOLDT caters to the customers’ demands, offering cutting-edge, cost-efficient retrofit solutions. They are specifically designed to extend the product life cycles of Main Battle Tanks (MBT) like the LEOPARD 2 or MARDER. The optics and optronics for the MBT modernization can be easily retrofitted.

On average, a LEOPARD 2 that is currently in use is expected to be commissioned until at least 2030. Aside from the obvious economic advantage of saving the costs associated with the purchase of a whole new weapon system, our retrofit products allow customers to extend the lifespan of their weapon systems. Retrofits are a sensible option for staying up to date with modern mission scenarios and changing operational requirements, while benefiting from the newest technological developments during the lifespan of the tank.


  • Capability Enhancement, stay up-to-date with today’s requirements
  • Precision: high hit accuracy even on the move with our high performance, stabilized fire control system
  • Enhanced situational awareness and network intelligence: ATTICA GL and ELRF/Day Unit allows real-time information transfer
  • ATTICA GL provides both, gunner and commander with increased target acquisition ranges
  • ELRF/Day Unit provides an Increased Repetition Range to allow to respond much faster and acquire targets much sooner

Main Benefits

The performance and reliability of existing systems can be greatly improved through upgrade solutions. This is particularly true in the realm of thermal imager upgrades to ATTICA, a thermal imaging device of the third generation, that offers a much better image quality including an extension of the identification capabilities and ranges than its predecessors WBG-X and OPHELIOS.

Of course HENSOLDT also caters to those customers having to replace the obsolete TIM thermal imager.

Among our upgrade options for the Leopard fleet, HENSOLDT offers eyesafe laser range finders with an increased repetition range and enhanced penetration through dust.

We are here to help your existing fleet successfully complete its missions while keeping costs down to a minimum.

Product Impressions