SERO 400 Family

High-end periscope systems for submarines


  • High-performance optics
  • Direct view
  • TV camera
  • Eye-safe laser rangefinder
  • Dual-axis, line-of-sight stabilisation
  • Modular design
  • 3-stage optical magnification changer
  • Full combat system integration
  • Antenna interface (for Electronic Warfare Warning and Direction Finding, GPS and V/UHF)


The SERO 400 family represents high quality in sensors, optics and electronics for classical attack missions and with optional IR module for surveillance missions.

Moreover, the visual direct view provides the experienced observer with unparalleled detail recognition, especially with regard to color fidelity and the recognition of colored position lights, for example, over long distances. The binocular eyepiece also enables to observer to gain a certain spatial impression of the scene observed, which is not possible with any two-dimensional image display on a monitor.

To make it as easy and reliable to operate as possible for the observer, top priority was given to ergonomics. The vertically positioned handles, for example, are just one sign of these efforts.

The SERO 400 family can be fully integrated into the submarine’s weapon systems enabling full remote control.

Product Impressions

Product Impressions

Product Impressions