SETAS - See Through Armour System

High performance observation system for armoured vehicles


  • 360° close area observation under hatch
  • Threat identification and tracking
  • Data exchange with other vehicle sytems


SETAS is an ITAR-free, ruggedized, day and night high performance local area observation system for any type of armoured vehicles. This high resolution electro optical vision system gives each crew member the possibility to stay secure under hatch without losing full visual situational awareness, 360° around the vehicle. Threats like snipers or RPG can be detected within their operating range.

The high vertical field of view makes the system  superior for environments like urban canyon and for threats from above. The modular system accommodates two powerful sensor systems: very high resolution colour daylight  cameras and uncooled thermal imagers. The mission approved uncooled thermal imager is already mounted on several military vehicles worldwide.

The observation capabilities of SETAS can be further enhanced by integrated automatic image processing features like Moving Target Indication (MTI), object tracking and much more.
This reduces the burden of the crew to handle the increased amount of image data of the  personal 360° situational awareness. Due to its modularity and open interface architecture (NGVA compliant) this observation system can be  easily integrated into any new or existing vehicle.  The interface allows full integration or standalone operation by supporting any type of HMI (standard  or smart display, smart glasses, tablets, etc.).


  • Very high resolution (as good as human eye)
  • Intuitive HMI
  • Modular system configuration
  • Open architecture (NGVA)
  • Easy integration into vehicles
  • Ruggedized according MIL-STDs

Main Benefits

The user can stay in safety within the vehicle but with a high degree of situational awareness of his surrounding environment outside.

Particularly in urban environment this capability is a key enabler for rapid decision making and as such for platform survivability. The visual sensor is capable of the recognition of a pedestrian at a distance of some 300 metres. This observation capability can be further enhanced with the integration of other sensors, such as acoustic sniper detection sensors, laser warner system and a hemispherical camera to cover the area directly above the vehicle.

Using a head mounted display as HMI, a crew member inside can virtually “see through” the armour achieving the same amount of orientation as observing  when ‘heads up”. Intelligent software algorithms are automatically alerting the crew if a potentially threatening movement is detected within the 360° around the vehicle.

SETAS can easily be fitted as a stand-alone system. However, greater advantage of the system can be achieved if SETAS is connected to the vehicle’s network or Battle Management System, displaying external data to each crew member individually.

Product Impressions

SETAS concept

Product Impressions

Product Impressions

Product Impressions

Product Impressions




SETAS Datasheet