Drivers Sight System for MBTs and IFVs


  • Installs in new vehicles and easily retrofitted to older ones
  • Serves as a forward or reverse motion camera and enables the driver to perform tactical observation and reconnaissance
  • Meets military standards such as MIL-STD 810 for temperature, shock, vibration and air pressure as well as VG95373 for electromagnetic compatibility
  • Operates from -32° to 63°C and weighs just 7 kg



The lessons learned of the current multinational missions underline the high importance of modern driver’s sight devices. Due to an intensive testing problem we developed the multispectral driver’s sight system SPECTUS.

This driver’s sight device for battle vehicles combines an uncooled thermal imager with a low light level  camera. These two images may be merged seamlessly to provide a much sharper view when visibility is low. This image fusion capability offers drivers optimal vision with full protection, even under severe conditions.


  • Low Light Level Camera (LLL)  and thermal imaging for best possible visibility
  • Smooth fusion between IR and low light level camera
  • Noiseless operation for stealth missions
  • Low power consumption

Main Benefits

  • Unlimited sight at any time, based on dual-band low light level and thermal imaging camera system
  • Color-coded dynamic guidelines support maneuvering in complex terrain with perfect accuracy
  • Clear vision with low light level camera in extreme conditions due to optional, switchable IR headlights

Product Impressions


Product Impressions


Product Impressions


Product Impressions

Leopard 2a6