Z:NightOwl ZM / ZM-ER

Surveillance at long range



  • Available as high definition (HD) version for increased resolution
  • Available as extreme range (ER) version for increased range performance
  • 360° observation range
  • Thermal imager boresighted with a CMOS camera and laser rangefinder
  • Compact ruggedized design without external cabling
  • Hermetically sealed housing
  • Suited for vehicle integration


The ITAR-free surveillance camera is specifically developed for long-range observation. The combination of a large field of view for wide-area observation as well as a small field of view for target spotting offers excellent situational awareness. It fulfils the high requirements of land and coastal border surveillance and is equally suited for the protection of critical infrastructure.

The IP-based Z: NightOwl® ZM / ZM-ER can be operated as a stand-alone unit or networked camera by means of our Management Software Z:ASSESS. It also allows integration into existing legacy operating systems. The camera is designed for use in stationary solutions – for example mounted on masts, tripods or building structures – as well as mobile applications.

Product Impressions

Product Impressions

Control station for the camera inside a vehicle.

Product Impressions

Camera intsalled on a vehicle.

Product Impressions

Product Impressions