HENSOLDT AirSentinel

Dedicated to Aircraft Detection Lighting Systems


  • Receives on-board transponder signals: Modes A, C, S, ADS-B
  • Detection area: 1 000 m height, 360°, 25 km radius, 1960 km²
  • Identifies aircraft on approach and triggers alert signal
  • Logs events


AirSentinel is a passive receiver which detects on-board transponder signals emitted by aircraft around the wind farm area. Based on these signals, AirSentinel tracks approaching aircraft that may represent a hazard and sends an alert signal to the wind turbine lighting system. The lighting system will activate the obstacle lights until the aircraft is away from the risk zone. AirSentinel allows to keep the wind turbine lights switched off by default during the whole night and to activate them only if and when a low-level flying object is detected.

AirSentinel is a simple and reliable solution for wind farm developers, obstacle lighting manufacturers and Operations and Maintenance providers.


  • Ethernet interface: TCP/IP, Modbus, ASTERIX
  • Withstands wind turbine nacelle environmental conditions
  • Compliant with latest regulations and recommendations: BMVI-LF15-20200424-SF-A006
  • High MTBF, no particular preventive maintenance required

Main benefits

  • Fully passive solution (no emission), no EMC constraints
  • Adequate safety margins for wind farms and aircraft pilots
  • Better acceptance of wind farms by local communities
  • Easy interfacing with all ADLS compatible obstruction lighting systems
  • Easy integration or retrofit on any wind farm installation
  • A single unit covers all or part of the wind farm area
  • Operates on its own or provides redundancy to radar systems
  • Fail safe: in case of failure, lights are automatically activated

Product Impressions

Product Impressions