Eurofighter Common Radar System ECRS Mk1

Radar Mk1 with multi-channel receiver


  • Multimode fire control radar with full weapon support
  • Wide field of regard
  • Large antenna array for highest power output in class
  • Wide band antenna
  • High-end multi-channel receiver
  • Electronic warfare capabilities


In partnership with Indra, HENSOLDT is developing an enhanced e-scan radar for the Eurofighter Typhoon, based on elements of the Captor-E/Mk0.

Core features are a new multi-channel receiver and new broadband transmit-receive modules (TRM), which provide improved radar functions as well as extended electronic warfare capabilities. The main focuses in the radar domain are a more precise target recognition and classification, higher agility and further improved electronic protection measures (EPM).

Electronic warfare functions cover both new electronic support measures (ESM) and electronic attack capabilities (EA) extending the Typhoon’s main sensor from a classic fighter radar to a true multi-functional system.

The Eurofighter’s nose is larger than that of all comparable fighters, which means that the antenna is much larger and consequently more powerful than that of competing aircraft. This, together with the ability to mechanically rotate the antenna with a larger angle of view, increases both the detection area and the field of view in comparison with other AESA radar systems.


  • +/- 90° field of view
  • Very high frequency agility
  • New digital waveforms
  • Faster detection and tracking of multiple targets
  • Improved tracking performance
  • Increased detection of weak signals
  • Extended missile guidance
  • Low probability of intercept
  • Ultra-high resolution SAR imagery
  • Air-to-ground modes including GMTI and STAP
  • Adapted electronic support and electronic attack functions

Main Benefits

  • 50% higher angular coverage than traditional AESA radars
  • Broad bandwidth
  • Superior detection capabilities
  • Very high detection performance even in strong clutter and interference environment
  • Installation possible in all Eurofighter Typhoon from Tranche 2 upwards
  • Embedded Electronic Warfare functions
  • Upgrade path for new functions

Product Impressions