MSSR 2000 ID IFF Interrogator

Identify friends, prevent friendly fire


  • Ground-based radars: fixed and mobile/deployable stations, medium and long range air surveillance radar, air traffic control
  • Naval air defence and surveillance platforms: destroyers, frigates etc.
  • Airborne: ground surveillance aircraft types, e.g. AWACs


The MSSR 2000 ID (AN/UPX48) interrogator is fully certified for medium to long-range military and civil operations on land and at sea. The design philosophy of the MSSR 2000 ID family allows different power variants to suit multiple customer domain and platform requirements, whilst sharing common hardware and software to ease logistics and training for both operators and maintainers.

The MSSR 2000 ID interrogator offers many unique features, from its multi-antenna compatibility (mechanical, non-rotating AESA, Stop-Stare Mode) to its extended certifications (ICAO, Eurocontrol, STANAG and DOD AIMS).

MSSR 2000 ID is optimised to be easily integrated into various platforms.


  • Mode 1, 2, 3/A, C, 4, 5 L1+L2, S enhanced surveillance and ADS-B (Mode S extended squitter) passive reception
  • Compatible crypto computers interfaces: KIV-77, KIV-78, QRTK4NG, QRTK6NG and SIT2010
  • Ground or naval cabinet system together with LTR 400 transponder and with a rotating or non-rotating antenna system (such as NESIS 4000) 

Main Benefits

  • Highly flexible to integration into platforms with various type of rotating and non-rotating IFF antennas (e.g. NESIS 4000)
  • Single or dual chain design configuration making it suitable for a wide range of usages in many different fields
  • Scalable and configurable to meet the customers’ specific requirements
  • Full interoperability with AIMS 03- 1000B and STANAG 4193 Edition 3 p. I-VI
  • ITAR-free
  • ICAO Annex 10 Volume IV
  • Eurocontrol EMS Functional Specification v3.11

Product Impressions

The MSSR 2000 Interrogator for civil usage.

Product Impressions

The MSSR 2000 Interrogator for military usage.




MSSR 2000 ID datasheet