HENSOLDT Naval Short-Range Pointer

Wireless designator for surface vessels


  • Protection against residual and time-critical threats
  • Quick aiming at visually detected threats (IED-UAV, USV, etc.)
  • Shortening the sensor-to-shooter loop
  • Usable indoors, outdoors and on a deported fast vessels
  • Improving the Observe Orient Decide Act (OODA) loop


The HENSOLDT Short-Range Pointer (SRP) is a portable pointer developed to protect warships against residual and time-critical threats in close-in-defence context. With the SRP, watchkeepers can quickly aim at any visually detected threats (IED-UAV and USV, asymmetric threats etc.). By pulling the trigger, the SRP operator drastically shortens the sensor-to-shooter loop sending  instantaneously accurate designations (bearing, elevation, distance) to the Remote Weapon and Combat Management Systems (RWS, CMS).

Thanks to its wireless capability, this pointer offers the highest mobility of its kind. Relying on a removable rechargeable battery pack providing more than 10 hours of autonomy, the SRP can be used indoors, outdoors (rear deck, docks) and even on a deported fast vessel located up to 8 Nm from the mother ship hosting the SRP base unit. Consequently, the Observe Orient Decide Act (OODA) loop is far greatly improved


  • Self-protection designator against residual threats
  • Air, surface and land targets’ coordinates
  • Portable sighting device
  • Full sensor-to-shooter loop

Main Benefits

  • Wireless Designation at any angle / direction
  • High precision coordinates
  • Transmission up to 8 Nm (LoS)
  • Affordable
  • Fitted for new-build and re-fit surface vessels

Product Impressions