Alternative Solution for L22 Datalink Interoperability


  • Technical network settings
  • Tactical and technical parameters uploading
  • Display of the network
  • Display of the tactical situation
  • Exchange of technical orders NMU and NU
  • Transmission and reception of tactical data on 2 Nile Networks


NEX22 consists in a stand-alone L22 interoperability feature not connected to a vessel’s sensors. NEX22 is connected to the on-board radio and can integrate a L22 network, exchange orders as well as enhance tactical situations.

This latest L22 standard (BC10) COTS solution has an extensive base in France (12 French Navy ships).

A standard library is provided for external CMS connection. NEX22 is also plug and play with NEXEYA’s CMS called LYNCEA.


  • Graphic interface with technical and tactical HMIs
  • L22 gateway
  • GPS antenna with cable
  • UHF/HF radio communication chassis (option)
  • L22 modem (European ELBIT SYSTEMS or US Leonardo DRS)

Main Benefits

NEX22 is a rugged, powerful and autonomous system for interoperability. As the system comes with training platform and dedicated training module, the tactical level and operational deployement can be very fast.

Technical Setup

Product Impressions

Product Impressions




NEX22 Brochure