Naval air and surface surveillance radar


  • Simultaneous 3D air and surface surveillance and defence
  • Fast detection and tracking of small, slow and fast air targets for reliable and stable air picture
  • Fast-track initiation to support longer effector keep-out range
  • Threat prioritisation to support better threat evaluation and effector assignment
  • High reliability for support of extended and expeditionary missions
  • High cyber resilience
  • Highly configurable (software defined)


Quadome is a dual-mode, multi-mission surveillance radar for naval air- and surface-surveillance, providing naval forces and maritime security authorities with unprecedented situational awareness and extremely short reaction times.

It features state of the art technology and is software defined, thus being a future proof solution with an extended operational lifetime. Quadome builds on the reputation and track record of HENSOLDT’s naval tactical radar family, which has been very successful and has sold over 100 units over a 25 year timespan.

Equipped with the latest technology, Quadome provides rapid response and high precision, at an excellent price-performance ratio.


  • C-Band (IEEE designation) and G-Band (NATO)
  • Mechanical azimuth scan with 360° continuous rotation
  • Azimuth scan period: 4 and 2 seconds
  • AESA stacked beam with electronic stabilisation
  • Surveillance and self-defence modes
  • Additional functions of helicopter and gunfire support
  • Capacity of  >1000 air and surface tracks

Main Benefits

  • Very affordable radar with a second-to-none price – performance ratio
  • Latest AESA technology
  • Easy to operate and maintain, simple hands-off operation for reduced manning/training/skills
  • Free from EU/USA export controls

Product Impressions

Product Impressions

Product Impressions




Quadome Datasheet