ASR-NG Deployable

Next Generation Air Surveillance Radar


  • Primary Surveillance Radar (PSR) combined with Secondary Surveillance Radar (SSR)
  • 3D height  information by PSR-only
  • full multi-beam processing
  • field proven wind farm mitigation
  • full US DoD AIMS 03-1000A and EUROCONTROL all mode certified interrogator MSSR 2000 I, including
  • Mode 5 Level 1 and Level 2, Mode S Enhanced Surveillance and Mode S Clustering, ADS-B as well as Anti-Jamming Resistance



Modular and scalable air surveillance radar and approach control system for regional and major international airports.

The ASR-NG deployable 3D system was developed to be transportable by land, see and air and deployable all over the world.  

ASR-NG is a Multi-Beam 3D S-Band Solid-State Approach Control Primary and Secondary Surveillance Radar and En-Route Control Sensor fulfilling ICAO Annex 10 Volume III/IV and EUROCONTROL Surveillance Standard Requirements. The System implements a fully Digital Doppler Detection and Tracking Solution with most flexible and self-learning Clutter and Site Optimisation Capabilities.

With its exceptional 60nm PSR range and 50,000ft height coverage, even for smallest aircraft, the ASR-NG is the next generation multi-beam S-Band radar for approach control and en-route air traffic control. The radar’s benefits include 3D capabilities with PSR-only to obtain height information of non-cooperative aircraft or those without transponder. Furthermore, it offers full wind farm mitigation capability.


  • Frequency: S-Band
  • Solid State Transmitter
  • 3 PSR beams for height estimation
  • Up to 60 nm instrumented range for PSR
  • Up to 120 nm instrumented range for SSR

Main Benefits

  • Fully automatic operation or remote control
  • High mobility, deployment and short tear-down time
  • ISO Container for Antenna and Electronics
  • Transportable on C-130 Hercules / A400M

Product Impressions

Product Impressions





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