Next Generation Air Surveillance Radar


  • To avoid safety-crucial situations, state-of-the-art ATC radars have to deliver excellent detection performance, from the smallest aircraft like ultralight gliders to the largest passenger airliner
  • ASR-NG can detect the smallest 0.5m² as well as 10.000m² targets with uppermost probability of detection
  •  Its detection and tracking of small rotary-wing aircraft over wind farms is field-proven, witnessed by the UK Ministry of Defence.
  • Unique 3D Capability using a third horn antenna feed the ASR-NG also provides a unique feature of 3D target detection


Modular and scalable air surveillance radar and approach control system for regional and major international airports

ASR-NG is a Multi-Beam 3D S-Band Solid-State Approach Control Primary and Secondary Surveillance Radar and En-Route Control Sensor fulfilling ICAO Annex 10 Volume III/IV and EUROCONTROL Surveillance Standard Requirements. The System implements a fully Digital Doppler Detection and Tracking Solution with most flexible and self-learning Clutter and Site Optimisation Capabilities.

Main Benefits

  • Exceptional Detection & Tracking from Ultralight to Supersonic
  • It offers exceptional no-blind speed coverage between 0 to 1.200 knots.
  • ASR-NG provides highest detection, resolution and tracking performance by the use of its worldwide-first, concurrent, triple-beam processing and electronic beam forming capabilities.

Product Impressions

Product Impressions

Product Impressions

Product Impressions





We provide target-group-oriented standard training courses for operators, maintainers/technicians and administrators, that can also be customized to your specific needs for this product.

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