COBRA – Counter Battery Radar

Multifunction Battlefield Radar


  • Location of rocket launchers, artillery batteries, mortars, shell impact points and jamming direction
  • Registration and adjustment of friendly firings to improve accuracy of own artillery
  • Provision of precise intercept points along the intervening trajectories to control and guide firing systems


COBRA is a high mobility weapon location radar which meets all NATO requirements.

The Euro-Art Consortium has been the first company worldwide to develop and manufacture this multifunctional counter battery radar with a fully active phased array antenna.

The system has been developed in a quattro-national programme (GE, FR, UK, US) and delivered to three core nations (GE, FR, UK).

COBRA today in its non-NATO export version has been remarkably improved in performance and design by keeping its original features. The system is sold by Euro-Art International EWIV, a successful joint venture of HENSOLDT and THALES.

COBRA is the Radar System for the accurate and rapid location of enemy guns, rocket launchers and mortars. It may also be used for the Adjustment/Registration of the fire of own artillery. COBRA is fielded on a single vehicle, and achieves its full performance requirements without levelling or stabilisation jacks thereby exceeding rapid deployment and high mobility requirements. Powerful software algorithms automatically compensate for terrain slopes (COBRA pitch and roll) and calculate each search beam elevation to graze the radar horizon before transmission begins.

COBRA today is field proven for operations at 50°C ambient temperature, is equipped with a modern operator HMI and is using modern digital hardware. An Enhancement Package implements Extended Long Range for detections up to 100km, adds a Second Layer Search Fence and uses Automatic Sand Storm Filtering in harsh environments. 


  • Unbeatable Accuracy
  • Ease of  Operation
  • High Mobility
  • High Reliability
  • Survivability

Main Benefits

COBRA is designed to detect small cross-section targets across the entire battlefield and can also classify ammunition types and firing modes. In less than 2 minutes, more than 40 six-gun batteries can be located and reported to a higher command. Parallel to the battery location function, COBRA can be tasked to perform friendly fire registration. The radar is contained in a single cross-country wheeled vehicle assuring high mobility with rapid deployment and decamp times.

Product Impressions

COBRA in its NATO version

Product Impressions

COBRA in its export version